BetaDwarf Careers

What does it mean to be a Dwarf?

It's more than just a job.
We are looking for those devoted to becoming the best at what they do and never stop learning.
Those who are ready to take on any kind of challenge and contribute to the company vision.
At BetaDwarf we work with passion to create the most possible value with the time we have.
That means making bold moves and solving hard problems, and sometimes failing, but always learning.
We're ambitious and fast moving, but care deeply about making sure each team member is fulfilled in their work.
With continuous 1on1s and feedback loops, we ensure everyone's passion is added to our games and delivered to the players.


We are always happy to hear from talented and motivated Interns. As an intern at Betadwarf, it will be your job to work closely with the existing team to help create high quality content. We are looking for someone who longs to be part of a highly creative workflow and wants to take their craft to the next level. We treat our interns as regulars on the team from the get-go, you will be doing real work that has a high likelihood of ending up in game. As such, we hold our interns to the same high standards as everyone else in the company, so it's important that you are passionate about working on games.
If this sounds like the place you want to start your career, please keep your eye out for internship openings here on our career page.

NOTE: Internships are unpaid. We require all internships to be at least 3 months in length.
You are always welcome to send an unsolicited application including a CV, cover letter and link to your portfolio under our Unsolicited Internships section.