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About BetaDwarf

BetaDwarf started with a group of people squatting in a University classroom for 7 months until that day came where they were discovered and thrown out.. Luckily they found a house and lived together for 3 years, while completing a kickstarter, taking a private bank loan and ultimately releasing their first game FORCED. See that popular imgur picture story here.

The ambitious team from Denmark/Copenhagen has since then made Forced Showdown, been joined by the glorious London Venture Partners and is now fully focused on making Minion Masters - the best real time card game with co-op on PC and Console.

Targeting core/hardcore gamers, BetaDwarf is doing Free-to-play the fun way - and the way they’d like to play it, they are also playing MM daily, so you might find a match with them.

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If you are applying for an internship, note that only 3+ months works for us and that we might not reply, as we get many requests.

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