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BetaDwarf Entertainment



BetaDwarf Entertainment is a Danish game development company. We focus on fun and challenging game experiences and a multitude of platforms, but mostly those which are for the hardcore gamers - Playstation, Xbox and PC.

We are not a huge team but we have some quite ambitious goals. We wish to market our games ourselves, be completely independent and offer high quality products with the help of our growing community.

We develop our games as a solid standalone product with patches added regularly and DLC later if the community likes it.

We look forward to offering gamers awesome gameplay experiences.

-The BetaDwarf Crew


We are currently not in urgent need for talent, mostly because we have no more room at our office. However if you are awesome enough, we will find something bigger, just for you :)

If you are applying for an internship be aware that we might not respond as we get a lot of inquiries on this. Your odds are best if you have a solid portfolio and if you can offer an intern period of 3+ months.

Mail us at: info@betadwarf.com